Qimin Liu TV Interview; 'Art Now and Here'
Friday April 25, 2014

On April 8th of 2014, Qimin Liu was invited to join 'Art Now and Here' television Host Andrew Wilson for a discussion on art, the artistic journey, and his work with local community art including the New London 'Songs of our City' Mural. As part of the interview, Artist Qimin Liu prefaced his most recent accomplishments with a brief history about first arriving in America, discussing his journey, struggles and artistic vision. Arriving with little to no knowledge of the English language, Qimin Liu would go onto receive his Masters Degree in Fine Arts, work on multiple Philadelphia Mural projects, meet, work along side and befriend a number of today's top contemporary artists and ultimately achieve the American dream of hard work, perseverance, and success.

Mural Dedication Professor Qimin Liu and Host Andrew Wilson; Live TV Interview on 'Art Now and Here'; 2014
Most recently, Qimin Liu worked with colleague Mark McKee to design and create another large-scale mural piece on the Caruso Music Building for the people of New London Connecticut. In the interview, Qimin Liu discusses a bit of the process which goes into creating a masterful mural piece. From the initial design work, creation and refinement of that art, and the eventual transfer from smaller scale to a large building size piece. A great deal of thought and work is put into such a project not even taking into consideration the huge undertaking was finished in a matter of a couple months from design to completion during the summer 2012.

Along with discussion on his previous work, Artist Qimin Liu discusses his ongoing career as a Professor of Fine Art at Eastern Connecticut State University. He touches upon his learning and practice through fine art schools both in his native home of China as well as
since he has arrived here in the United States. From traditional fine arts practice to his introduction to more contemporary art criticisms, history and liberal arts teaching, Qimin explains the value of practice and creative thinking when it comes to learning and addressing budding artists.

Mural Dedication Professor Qimin Liu and Host Andrew Wilson; Live TV Interview on 'Art Now and Here'; 2014
In the final portion of the program, Qimin Liu and host Andrew Wilson touch on some of the goals and the work put into bringing international artists to America since the founding of the International Contemporary Artist Space. In addition, they discuss the importance of artists being aware of the modern issues and concerns faced by societies and artists. They discuss the importance and value of truth in presenting artwork and the messages such pieces hold for past, present and future generations alike. A refreshing segment and wonderful opportunity to share the artistic journey of an incredibly talented contemporary master. A return appearance is in the works where further discussion on current projects as well as guest appearances from other local and international artists will take place in the near future.
Below is a video created by Andrew Wilson showcasing the mural work 'Song's of Our City' created by Professor Qimin Liu and Colleague Mark McKee; It is located on the Caruso Music Building in Down Town New London Connecticut.

'Songs of Our City Mural' By Qimin Liu and Mark McKee; Video Courtesy of Andrew Wilson