ICAS August 2014 Residency 'Journey'
Wednesday September 10th, 2014
Article By Kerryanne Celona

  • Reident artists with American Artists at round table discussion
  • Artists at the Boston MoMA
  • Reident artists with American artists duringround table discussion
  • Reident artists at the Wadsworth Art Museum
  • Reident artists at the Yale British Arts Museum
  • Residents relaxing in New York City
On August 23, 2014, International Contemporary Art Space [ICAS] concluded its month long exchange program titled Journey: an Artistic Dialogue, concerning art in diplomacy between twelve artists native to the Shandong Province of China and ten American artists. The American artists that participated in the dialogue include:

Vincent Desiderio, Mel Leipzig, Barkley Hendricks, Susanna Coffey, Fred Osborne, Judith Osborne, Rebecca Moran, Bridget Grady, Afarin Rahmanifar, Salvatore Scalora.

The twelve program participants include:

Yang Songlin, Chen Guoli, Chen Jianhua, Guan Puxue, Kong Xinmiao, Song Quiming, Wang Yuping, Zhang Ping, Zhang Zhiqing, Zhong Jikun, Zhou Weihua.

The multicultural discussion largely featured thoughts on art education, including primary and secondary school art curriculums, public schooling and theories surrounding paradigms that promote sound technical skills. Following the discussion, ICAS partner organization LQM Gallery held an opening at its State Street location which featured selected works of the twelve visiting artists.

During the programs duration, the visiting artists were exposed to the local beauty of southeastern Connecticut while landscape painting in Essex. Starting in the second week of the program, the artists embarked on an east coast tour, visiting Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. During this tour, the visiting artists enjoyed exploring museums; including the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art, and The Metropolitan Museum. They were introduced to some of America's most prestigious universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Additionally, the group explored the facilities and galleries of two academically-based art schools: Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Additionally, the visiting artists enjoyed gallery hopping, shopping, and dining at some of America's finest restaurants.

ICAS upcoming September exchange program titled 'INK Platter' will feature four artists ink painters from China. A gallery opening will be open to the public later this September at 74 State St, New London, CT.