The ICAS Residency Program
Tuesday April 29, 2014

Founded in March of 2012, the International Contemporary Artist Space(ICAS), in conjunction with LQM Gallery, has achieved a space which has brought exposure and reflected the thoughts of both local and international contemporary artists. During its over two years of running, ICAS and LQM has showcased a number of incredible contemporary artists. From budding student artists to well established practicing Chinese and American artists, a myriad of styles and mediums have been shown. With nine gallery shows in total so far, LQM Gallery and the ICAS Residency Program has had the privilege of giving a platform to 45 unique artists, 22 Chinese Resident Artists and 23 Local and more to come. Each with their own influences, visions, and voice, the International Contemporary Art Space (ICAS) resident artist program continues to grow and bring opportunity to talented artists as well as cultural exchange, inspiration, and understanding.

  • View Inside the ICAS Study and Sunroom; East Lyme CT; 2014
  • LQM 'Lyrical.LUSCIOUS' Resident Gallery Show Opening; New London CT; 2013
  • Resident Artists Wang Decai, Bian Jiuqiu, Liu Qiang, Dong Yihe Before an Opening; 2013
  • View of one of the ICAS Resident Artist Bedrooms Awaiting New Artists! East Lyme CT; 2014
  • Resident Artists Han Yutong, Yang Peizhang, Chen Fuchun Visiting Gillette Castle, Haddam CT; 2014
  • View From the Back of the ICAS Resident House After Some Fresh Snow; 2013
  • View Inside The ICAS Resident HouseStudio and Salon Gallery Space with Artists Working on Their Pieces; East Lyme CT 2014
  • Resident Artists Liu Jing and Yue Xiaofei Taking Pictures With Guests at Their Gallery Opening; New London CT; 2013
  • Artists Jin Feng Shi and Xu Chun Yu Painting and Sketching in the Studio; New London CT; 2013
  • Artists Guo Rui and Fang Xiangle Painting in the Studio; New London CT; 2013
Many of the artists shown at LQM Gallery have been part of the International Contemporary Art Space (ICAS) international residency program, namely from China. Since the first group of residency artists came in July of 2013 ICAS has hosted a total of 22 resident artists, each with their own styles and artistic philosophies. As part of this program the artists are immersed in the local culture, supplied with room and board, brought to local cultural and artistic centers as well as major museums and experiences in surrounding major cities such as New York and Boston. Artists also experience recreational excursions as well as meetings, discussions and group art sessions with local and renowned artists alike.

As part of the residency program, artists are now housed in the beautiful town of East Lyme Connecticut. This location is surrounded by rich history as well as landscapes and architecture unique to the North East
United States and is a only two hours from major cities and cultural centers such as New York and Boston. Residents are brought to a number of incredible art museums close to the area including The Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, The Boston Museum of Fine Art, and the Yale University Art Museum and Wadsworth Atheneum In Connecticut just to name a few. They are also given the opportunity to experience many facets of American culture and recreational activities including dining in and out of the resident house, such as the LQM Lobster dinner with fellow local artists and LQM Gallery employees, antique and boutique shopping excursions, crab fishing, country side, town and cityscape plein air painting trips, and live model drawing and painting to name a few. Residents participating in this program are also often given the opportunity to give live demonstrations within the gallery as well as at Universities, participate in discussion panels with other artists local to the area and even occasionally meet with renowned American master artists such as Vincent Desiderio and Steven Assael. With such a large assortment of activities, the artist's month long stay goes by quickly. On top of these experiences LQM Gallery also hosts a month long show as well as a gallery show opening for each group which includes promotions, refreshments and further opportunity to meet with influential community members and local artists.

Mural Dedication Artists Bian Jiuqui, Wang Decai, Liu Qiang and Dong Yihe In Front of the Boston Museum of Fine Art; July 2013

The ICAS Program's first group of residents showcased a group of four artists skilled in contemporary realism. Titled 'Chinese 4', this show featured a number of works of hyper realism, such as those by contemporary master Bian Jiuqui. Bian demonstrated his tremendous attention to detail in works of still life and the human figure. Were it not for his smooth and subtle brush work, noticeable by the viewer only upon closer inspection, these works would be hardly discernible from photography. This Show also featured works of contemporary realism by artists Liu Qiang and Wang Decai. Liu's interest in works of portraiture and paintings of altered photographs while Wang's works focused on beautiful rich still life displays. Also shown were works of Artist Dong Yihe who utilized vibrant colors to compose his contemporary abstract works.

Mural Dedication Artists Xu Chun Yu, Jin Feng Shi, Du Chen Xiang and Wang Ai Ting with Qimin Liu In Front of ; August 2013
The second show, titled 'Lyrical. Lucious' was just that. The expressive applications of paint appeared as if to dance on the surface of each canvas. This show demonstrated impressionistic works as well as combinations of realism mixed with expressionism. It ranged from real world subjects such as impressionistic landscapes and still life by artists Du Chen Xiang and Wang Ai Ting to vibrant and expressive still lives and figurative pieces by such artists as Xu Chun Yu and Jin Feng Shi. The work of Xu Chun Yu demonstrated thick painterly strokes of vibrant colors capturing the essence of her still lives. These melded well juxtaposed with works by master painter Jin Feng Shi, who demonstrated an incredible balance between classical realistic figurative work bathed in expressive strokes depicting almost phantom like backdrops.

Mural Dedication Artist Fang Xiangle Performing a Live Portrait Drawing Demonstraition For a Class of Eastern Connecticut State University Art Students; September 2013
ICAS's third group of residents during the month of September brought a taste of classical Chinese Ink painting with just a hint of contemporary flare. Titled 'INK & INK', this show featured the talents of such artists as Fang Xiangle, with his love for western inspired art works, often combined his decisive brush strokes with more contemporary portraiture along side his more classic Chinese figurative work. Guo Rui lent his fascination and inspiration drawn from nature to his works, creating pieces of subjects instantly recognized and envied by anyone captivated by the old Chinese Masters. Ma Jian demonstrated his free and flowing brush work in his landscapes and traditional stone and mountain inspired work while Han Jieping presented a more contemporary approach with simplified figurative forms and vibrant colors. Along with this show, ICAS, with LQM Gallery, held a live demonstration of these four incredibly talented traditional Chinese Ink Painters. Each displayed their skill and wealth of
knowledge of techniques passed down through Chinese artists for centuries to a number of local artists, students and local community members. In addition, artist Fang Xiangle was invited to give a live demonstration of his western style portrait drawing to a portrait class at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) which was taught by Professor Qimin Liu. It was an excellent opportunity for ECSU Students to learn from this master artist.

Mural Dedication Artists Ben Ni, Yuling Guan, Chunli Xu, Shuyun Zhang, Bridget Grady, Leeah Joo, Judith Osborne, Rebecca Moran, Blanche Serban, and Afarin Rahmanifar; October 2013
The following show during the month of October, 'East Meets West', featured four talented female artists from China as well as six established and budding local female artists representing a number of different heritages and cultural backgrounds. These artist's works were representative of the culmination of life experiences and inspirations which each of these talented artists lived as well as the unique backgrounds and hardships facing contemporary women artists both here and in countries such as China. The range of work was expressive and inspired by everything from simple luxuries many may take for granted to comments on the influences of spirituality and nature on our every day lives. Such work was seen in the works of artist Ben Ni who combined images of the Buddha with those of ancient human cave paintings and serene elements of nature all in striking bold colors. Along with this gallery show ICAS and LQM held an artistic discussion panel of 10
Chinese and local Connecticut women artists. The ICAS Program's Chinese Residents included artists Ben Ni, Yuling Guan, Chunli Xu, and Shuyun Zhang and the American Artists included Bridget Grady, Leeah Joo, Judith Osborne, Rebecca Moran, and Blanche Serban as well as the mediator, Eastern Connecticut State University Professor, former Vice President of Connecticut Women's Artists, and accomplished female artist Afarin Rahmanifar. This panel fielded questions, discussed and debated such subject as the artist's inspirations, cultural and artistic views and methods, and other pressing issues female artists face both here and abroad.

Mural Dedication Artists Wang Peng, Liu Jing, and Yue Xiaofei with Former LQM Associate Samantha in Mystic Connecticut; November 2013
The final resident show for the 2013 year came in November. This show, titled 'Contemporary Ink Trio', was an exciting collection of budding contemporary Chinese artists who's work was executed much in the manner and styles of the classical Chinese Ink Painting masters, however displayed fresh and unique views and thoughts facing the next generation of young artists. Wang Peng demonstrated the sharp chic style of today's youth culture with precision handmade brush work almost reminiscent of both wood block prints and eye catching graphic design. On the other end of the spectrum, Artist Liu Jing displays free and flowing ink works, nostalgic visions of places and people viewers from all walks of life can recognize and relate to. The final of this young group of talented artists, Yue Xiaofei, utilizes the classical styles and subtle washes of color in figurative and expressive works which act as thought and commentary on cultural and social issues facing China, and more over
the world, at present. From the definitions of human relationships to the ever changing sociopolitical climates we all face, these works are exciting examples of the direction Chinese Contemporary art is headed in the years to come. In addition to their show, artist Wang Peng was invited to demonstrate his skill of classical Chinese Ink painting to a group of students at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU).

Mural Dedication Artists Han Yutong, Yang Peizhang (accompanied by his wife), and Chen Fuchun In Front of the Yale University Art Gallery; New Haven Connecticut; March 2014
The ICAS Residency Program ushered in it's first group of residency artists for the new year in March of 2014. The show, titled 'Transcend', featured the work of two masters and teachers, Chen Fuchun and Yang Peizhang, of traditional Chinese Ink painting as well as the work of their very talented student Han Yutong. Artist Chen Fuchun is a masterful traditionalist Chinese Ink Painter. Demonstrating his passion for the beauty presented in life, Chen Fuchun creates images of nature expressed in fluid brush strokes and intricate line work to convey this sense to the viewer. Han Yutong Not only works in traditional Chinese Ink styles, but also utilizes her technique to share her thoughts and experiences as an emerging modern day artist. She draws her stylistic inspiration from both Chinese and Western artists as well as from her teachers Chen Fuchun and Yang Peizhang. Han Yutong expresses the pressures of contemporary Chinese women and the choices faced in presenting one's self to the world
around them. Artist Yang Peizhang also derives inspiration for his work through experiences in life as well as sources such as literature and music. This is evident through the combination of rich colors, tones, and expressive line work which blend together harmoniously much like a symphony. As the show title implies, their work transcends tradition and technique into masterful displays of life, beauty, and the human experience.

The ICAS program has returned to it's original location in picturesque East Lyme Connecticut. ICAS will continue to have new groups joining them through their Artistic Residency Program who will also be housed at their location in East Lyme. Future gallery show openings are invitation only events. If you are interested in viewing any artist works at another time or to be informed of upcoming events, workshops and other artistic gatherings and would like to arrange an appointment you may contact the International Contemporary Artist Space (ICAS) and LQM Gallery through the following methods:

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