Convergence Resident Show Opening
May 17th 2014
Mural Dedication
EXCERPT: New London's art scene is not limited to its visual artists. The music scene in New London has always been a vibrant part of the city's identity, and Caruso Music has been providing musicians with the tools of the trade for decades. Caruso Music takes up the corner of State and Eugene O'Neill Drive, which is why artists, Qimin Liu and Mark McKee felt it befitting to choose the Caruso Wall to compose their Songs of Our City mural. 'We knew that New London was known for its deep roots in the visual arts community, but we also knew how much the music plays a part in this town. I had done a mural in Philadelphia that highlighted musicians and dancers, so I knew that I wanted to work on the mural tat would show how important the music is to this city,' Liu explains.

The 'Songs of Our City' mural is 80 feet long and depicts the music of the many....