Artists shine at LQM Gallery
March 11, 2013
Original Article By Sharma Howard
Photos by Tim Cook
Courtesy of The Day

  • Artist Qimin Liu's Ink Portraits from his '6 Degrees' Project featuring students from his Eastern Connecticut State University Classes; New London Connecticut; 2013
  • Artist Qimin Liu in LQM Gallery at it's original location; New London Connecticut; 2013
EXCERPT: Some of the bold portraits by Qimin Liu loom larger than life, as if to give his subjects a transcendent stature they lack in their everyday existence.

His figurative, representational work is structured on the classic foundations of the past, yet the energy and connectedness to his subjects - who are largely disenfranchised people from the streets - renders the portraits contemporary for their social themes and emotive quality.

The passionate strokes of his brush seem to vibrate off the canvas with an immediacy associated with expressionism.

In March of last year, Liu opened the LQM Gallery on State Street in New London, which showcases.....