Chinese Painting & Calligraphy World Travel Exhibition
February 28th 2015
EVENT TYPE International Art Show Opening
LOCATION Marquee Gallery; 74 State Street, New London CT

On February 28th 2015, International Contemporary Artist Space, in association with Marquee Gallery, presented a show titled 'Chinese Painting & Calligraphy World Travel Exhibition' featuring seven Traditional Chinese Calligraphers and Ink Painters. Their works ranged from disciplined calligraphy styles of traditional poetry to free flowing techniques nearly touching on abstraction. In addition to the calligraphy, there were pieces of traditional Chinese landscapes which represented the changing seasons as well as some Chinese ink paintings displaying both classic and more contemporary figurative subjects.

The artists represented in this show were Jiang Daquan, Guo Zhongtang, Wang Hongyu, Zhang Yufu, Ding Heya, Xu Youliang and Li Qinlin. Jiang Daquan, who is the current executive director of
the Institute of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, presented his works of classic poetry in crisp Zhuan, or seal script, style which were visually bold displayed in precise alignment. The works of Guo Zhongtang, a top ranked calligrapher with the Ministry of Culture, were rich, free flowing, nearly abstract, Caoshu style, a form of cursive Chinese writing. Wang Hongyu, Professor Emeritus of painting and Calligraphy Institute of Zhengzhou University and consultant for the Henan Literary Foundation, showcased his work of poetry also in Zhuan style, presented in strikingly heavy brush work on four lengths of rice paper.

Artist Zhang Yufu, appointed as the Ambassador of the State Council as well as a permanent artistic adviser of the Royal Art Foundation, presented the viewer with free and energetic works of calligraphy in Xingshu, or 'running', style. The works of Ding Heya were of beautiful and serene traditional Chinese ink and watercolor landscapes which represented the changing of the seasons, displaying rugged mountains juxtaposed to peaceful waterfalls and rivers. Artist Li Qinlin, member of a host of organizations including the World Chinese Calligraphers Association and China Institute of Contemporary Art, also showcased works of Caoshu style calligraphy which flowed gracefully down the paper much like a waterfall. The works of Xu Youliang were created with striking color and a more contemporary style with stylized figurative elements along with calligraphy and landscape.

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'Chinese Painting & Calligraphy World Travel Exhibition' Video Courtesy of Andrew Wilson and Art Now & Here TV Show