First Annual Cookout and Live Demonstration
May 25th 2014
EVENT TYPE Social Gathering and Live Demonstration
LOCATION ICAS Studio; 22 King James Street East Lyme CT

  • Resident Artists Wu Xiaoping, Li Lin, Shi Hongbin and Li Wei with ICAS Associate Xizhong Zhang and Art Critic and Artist Salvatore Scalora discussing the artist's work; May 2014
  • Qimin Liu and guests conversing prior to the demonstration over some live music; May 2014
  • Artists and guests enjoying a beautiful day, live music, great food and great conversation; May 2014
  • Our wonderful guests, fellow artists and art enthusiasts enjoying wonderful food, art, music and company; May 2014
  • Resident Artist Wu Xiaoping finishing up an impromptu ink piece where all ICAS residents and cookout guests added their own brush stroke to finish off a beautiful event; May 2014
  • Resident Artist Shi Hongbin Giving a live Chinese Ink Demonstration for guests; May 2014
  • As the fires die down and the event subsides fellow artists enjoy each other's company and conversation; May 2014
  • A roaring fire fit for such a warm and inviting event; May 2014
  • Resident Artists Li Lin, Li Wei, and Wu Xiaoping with guest Preston Hensly roasting some marshmallows by the open fire; May 2014

On May 25th, the International Contemporary Artist Space (ICAS) held it's first annual Spring Cookout and live demonstration by our Resident Artists. Even prior to the event and live demonstration our resident artists had an in depth discussion about each of their pieces with artist and art critic Salvatore Scalora. As everyone arrived Artists Shi Hongbin and Wu Xiaoping gave Chinese Ink Painting demonstrations producing a beautiful catfish piece as well as a live portrait drawing of Mr. Scalora by Artist Wu Xiaoping. Following the demonstration was a delicious cookout and social with complementary food and beverages. Live bluegrass music was also played during the course of the event. As the evening and the fires died down guests were delighted to experienced an impromptu ink piece where all the guests and artists got involved to add their own unique touch and brush strokes followed by the final touches by Wu Xiaoping. Several of the
artists also gifted and exchanged their own artwork to a number of guests as a thank you and a symbol of the connection between fellow artists.