Resident Show 'INK Platter'
September 27th 2014
EVENT TYPE Resident Art Show
LOCATION 74 State Street, New London CT

  • A view from our September resident show opening for 'INK Platter'
  • Resident Artists with ICAS assoicates past and present
  • Artist Su Youhui with ICAS Associate Xizhong Zhang speaking with guests
  • Qimin Liu with Artist Barkley Hendricks and hi Wife Suan Hendricks
  • A view from our September resident show opening for 'INK Platter'
  • Artist Wang Huan Bo with former ICAS associates Chris O'Flaherty and Jacklyn Rose as well as Lyme Academy of Art Students
  • Qimin Liu with Griffis Art Center Founder Sharon Griffis
'INK Platter' is the International Contemporary Artist Space's (ICAS) September 2014 exhibition featuring 4 traditional Chinese Ink Painters taking part in the ICAS Artist Residency program. Each artist a master in their own tright, their discipline and desire to experss their new discoveries and life journies through their art unite them. The Artists are:
Deng Shihua
Su Youhui
Wang Huanbo
Zhao Qin

With a combination of past works and those newly created from local landscapes, this show was a delicious sampling of artistic skill and beauty. The opening ran from 6pm - 8pm on Saturday September 27th and was open to the public and was part of a city wide New London event.

Among the guests who joined us for the INK Platter opening, we were honored to have in attendance a number of distinguished local area artists, gallery owners and arts academics. Among them were National Gallery of Art inductee Barkley Hendricks and his wife, gallery owner Susan Hendricks as well as gallery owner and residency program founder of the Griffis Arts Center Sharon Griffis and gallery owner of the Pigeon Hole Gallery Lorain Simister. Also in attendance were fine arts professors Imna Arroyo and Rebecca Moran from Eastern Connecticut State University, Mike Alewitz from Centeral Connecticut State University, and Jesse Thompson from Lyme Academy of Fine Art.

It was a lively evening with the artists displaying both works they have brought with them from China as well as those they have created in the landscapes here, adding an Eastern style twist to the typical New England scenery.

Read our Press Release of the show writen by LQM Staff Writer Kerryanne Celona at the Hartford Courant.