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LQM Studio and Salon Gallery
22 King James Dr.
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Our Mission
LQM Gallery is a studio and exhibition space which Founded in 2012 by Contemporary Artist Qimin Liu. The gallery is part of the International Contemporary Artist Space (ICAS), LLC.

Our mission is to provide local, national, and international artists with workshop and exhibition space. LQM also holds regular instructional art workshops, gallery exhibits, and hosts a cultural exchange program between artists in the United States, China and many other countries.
Our Office is located at
22 King James Dr.
East Lyme, CT 06333

Gallery Hours
Gallery Viewing is Currently by Appointment Only.

To Setup an Appointment Call:

Artistic Director: Qimin Liu
(860) 237-1081
As a proponent for the open exchange of ideas and with the desire to advance and improve our surrounding area as well as the lives and well being of those we live along side, we at LQM believe in a strong sense of community. We strive to be an integral part of our local community, immersed within the culture and hosting events as well as participating in projects throughout the area.

We welcome the public and local artists to take part in and enjoy all we have to offer! Through workshops and exhibitions we seek to bring in and share new perspective. We recognizing there is a great deal of talent residing in the areas surrounding our gallery there are further plans to host jurried shows open to submissions of all artists as well as taking part in projects to enhance our community.

During the summer of 2012 The gallery owner Qimin Liu and two other members of LQM, Lyme Fine Arts Academy students Christopher O’Flaherty and Kelsey Ross, worked together with fellow artist Mark Mckee to create one of New London's large Mural Walk pieces titled "Songs of Our City". A visual representation of the melding of cultures, people, art and music, this is the first of many such projects LQM Gallery will take part in as we grow together with our surrounding community of New London.
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Qimin Liu
Artistic Director
International Contemporary Artist
Professor at Eastern Connecticut State University
"My images are created to stimulate my audience to think and react to important issues facing today's society. I hope to transcend pure aesthetics and communicate a deeper spiritual message. One that will be meaningful, thought provoking and positive in its effect."

~Qimin Liu

QIMIN LIU is a professor of art in painting and drawing. He has studied art in China and the United States. He received an MFA in painting, drawing, and printmaking from Iowa State University and a master of fine arts degree in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at venues in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He is the author of a book on contemporary American figurative painters published in China.
Select Works
  • Self-portrait with cigarette
  • Large Portrait
  • Sitting Figure
  • Man on Street #2
  • Under the Sky #4
  • Nude Study
  • Woman in Red Coat
Current Exhibition
Fusion Expression

Liu Jianzhao
Cao Zhanyun
Chen Shudong
Chen Hongwei
She Haihong
Meng Meng
She Jianghong
Zhang Huizhen

Running Dates: December 7th - 18th 2016
OPENING: Friday Dec 9th 6:00pm - 8:00pm

A reflection of the contemporary cultural and artistic climates of China. Steeped in tradition yet ever moving towards the future. This exhibition, much like that Chinese society, is a culmination of works which highlight rich historical elements, time honored techniques, themes, and subjects mixed with recognizable landmarks and staples from the day to day lives of the respective regions which the artists witness and experience. Featuring the works of 8 distinguished Chinese artists in an eclectic mix ranging from the traditional watercolor and ink art form of the East to techniques utilizing oil painting born of the West. Despite various themes and medium, each artist employs their expressive strokes to tell a story and imbue the viewer with the sense of experiencing the subject matter first hand. -->
Future Exhibition
Portraiture Program
Contact us for Workshop Information

In this Portraiture Workshop, taught by gallery owner Qimin Liu, students will develop concepts and skills through a variety of mediums and methods which will aid their understanding and ability in portrait drawing and painting. Specific anatomy and constructive form will be emphasized leading up to practice on live models

Students will work with elements of line, mark, shape, light, value, proportion, and perspective. Demonstration, critical analysis, and critique will be used to train students how to see and describe with dynamic technique and media. Students will be encouraged to master techniques, such as drawing, as tools to communicate ideas. They will start to acquire a genuine sense of imagery so they may develop their portrait making in an inventive, creative and personally expressive way. Some materials may be provided.
Click here for a list of materials.

Contact Us for Availability, Inquiries or to Sign Up
ICAS Artist Circle
The ICAS Institution
The International Contemporary Artist Space will be scheduling and holding sessions for interested artists who would like to meet and work collectively as well as hold lectures, have discussions, and artist critiques with other like minded local artists. Discussions will generally pertain to the culture of contemporary art as well as the evironment which today's artists face.

Contact Us for Availability and Inquiries

Chinese Ink Painting
Contact us for Specific Details

Learn the techniques and methods of Chinese calligraphy and ink painting, including brush drawing of flowers, bamboo, landscapes and other traditional subjects with ink on rice paper. Emphasis will be placed upon the use of Chinese brushes, from basic strokes to elegant and sublime techniques employed by generations of great masters. The tradition of Western and Oriental brush drawing and their continued influence on one another will be discussed. Although this is a studio workshop, Chinese philosophy and culture will be introduced ~ embarking on a journey of Chinese traditional art and culture. Students are welcome to bring in their own natural objects to paint. Some materials provided; no experience necessary.

Workshop taught by fine art professor Qimin Liu.

Click here for a list of materials.

Contact Us for Availability, Inquiries or to Sign Up.
Private Lessons
No matter what mediums or styles you are interested in, LQM Gallery has experienced resident artists eager to share their knowledge and skill with you. If you are interested in taking a private lesson, practicing with professionals, receiving construcive critiques or just an exchange of techniques and fundamentals we will work to accomodate your needs and couple you with one of our experienced gallery artists.

We will be more than happy to work with individuals of all skill levels. From novice to advanced level students of all age groups. Whether you are interested in art as a hobby, are looking to explore the art world, want to brush up and expand your skills and knowledge or just want to try something new.

Styles and mediums available include, but are not limited to, drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, realist to abstract, plein air, illustration, classic fine art to contemporary. Let us know your ability and interest and we will work to design a class around your needs. We look forward to working with you!

Contact Us for Availability, Inquiries, Consultation and Prices. Or Stop by the Gallery to speak with us during our regular business hours or by appointment.

LQM Gallery Artists

Represented Artists
Qimin Liu
Qimin Liu

Deng Shihua
Deng Shihua; September 2014 Residency Artist

Su Youhui
Su Youhui; September 2014 Residency Artist

Wang Huanbo
Wang Huanbo; September 2014 Residency Artist

Zhao Qin
Zhao Qin; September 2014 Residency Artist

Chen Guoli
August 2014 Resident Artist Chen Guoli: Shandong Artist Association Delegation Coordinator;
China Oil Painting Society Director; Vice President of Shandong Oil Painting Society

Chen Jianhua
August 2014 Resident Artist Chen Jianhua:
Professor of Shandong University of Arts

Guan Puxue
August 2014 Resident Artist Guan Puxue:
Professor of Shandong University of Arts

Kong Xinmiao
August 2014 Resident Artist Kong Xinmiao:
President of Fine Arts department of Shandong Normal University

Song Qi Ming
August 2014 Resident Artist Song Qi Ming:
Professor of Shandong University of Arts

Wang Yu Ping
August 2014 Resident Artist Wang Yu Ping:
Professor of Shandong University of Arts

Yang Songlin
August 2014 Resident Artist Yang Songlin:
Executive Director of China Oil Painting Society; President of Shandong Oil Painting Society

Zhang Ping
August 2014 Resident Artist Zhang Ping:
Professor of Fine Arts department of Shandong Normal University

Zhang Zhiqiang
August 2014 Resident Artist Zhang Zhiqiang:
Professor of Fine Arts department of Shandong Jianzhu University

Zhong Ji Kun
August 2014 Resident Artist Zhong Ji Kun:
Senior painter of Shandong Painting Academy

Zhou Weihua
August 2014 Resident Artist Zhou Weihua:
Professor of Fine Arts department of University of Jinan

Li Lin
Li Lin; May 2014 Residency Artist

Li Wei
Li Wei; May 2014 Residency Artist

Shi Hongbin
Shi Hongbin; May 2014 Residency Artist

Wu Xiaoping
Wu Xiaoping; May 2014 Residency Artist

Chen Fuchun
Chen Fuchun; March 2014 Residency Artist

Han Yutong
Han Yutong; March 2014 Residency Artist

Yang Peizhang
Yang Peizhang; March 2014 Residency Artist

Liu Jing
Liu Jing; November 2013 Residency Artist

Wang Peng
Wang Peng; November 2013 Residency Artist

Yue Xiaofei
Yue Xiaofei; November 2013 Residency Artist

Zhang Shuyun
Zhang Shuyun; October 2013 Residency Artist

Xu Chunli
Xu Chunli; October 2013 Residency Artist

Guan Yuling
Guan Yuling; October 2013 Residency Artist

Ben Ni
Ben Ni; October 2013 Residency Artist

Fang Xiangle
Fang Xiangle; September 2013 Residency Artist

Guo Rui
Guo Rui; September 2013 Residency Artist

Han Jieping
Han Jieping; September 2013 Residency Artist

Ma Jian
Ma Jian; (Detail of Painting)September 2013 Residency Artist

Wang Ai Ting
Wang Ai Ting; August 2013 Residency Artist

Du Shen Xiang
Du Shen Xiang; August 2013 Residency Artist

Jin Feng Shi
Jin Feng Shi; August 2013 Residency Artist

Xu Chun Yu
Xu Chun Yu; August 2013 Residency Artist

Bian Jiuqui
Bian Jiuqui; July 2013 Residency Artist

Wang Decai
Wang Decai; July 2013 Residency Artist

Dong Yihe
Dong Yihe; July 2013 Residency Artist

Upcoming and Past Events